Uncle Rudy’s Royal Truffles Menu

All Truffles are created in an imported Belgian Chocolate.
Truffles marked with ** are made without alcohol.

White Chocolate Truffles

The Truffle Shop Silk Road white chocolate truffleThe Silk Road**

( This is where the East Ran into the West)

The result was a combination of Cardamon, Ginger , and lemon in a white chocolate center.

The Truffle Shop Margarita white chocolate truffleThe Margarita

A celebration of lime and a lime liquor with a creamy white ganache garnished with a pinch of salt

The Truffle Shop Island Oasis white chocolate truffleThe Island Oasis

A safe haven in troubled waters. A soothing combination of Rum, Coconut, and Pineapple.



Milk Chocolate Truffles

The Truffle Shop Hazelnut/Peanut Butter milk chocolate truffle
Hazelnut/Peanut Butter**

In this case two nuts are better than one. Both in a milk chocolate base. Guaranteed to stick to the roof of your memory.

The Truffle Shop Morning Joe milk chocolate truffle
Morning Joe**

A good start to your day at any time of the day. A heavenly blend of espresso coffee and milk chocolate cream.

The Truffle Shop Raspberry Royal Chocolate TruffleRoyal Raspberry**

A milk chocolate truffle combined with a raspberry fruit puree.



Semi-Sweet Chocolate Truffles

The Truffle Shop Fireball Semi-Sweet chocolate truffle
The Fireball

A cinnamon infused Whiskey in a dark chocolate. A smooth spicy blend to warm your demeanor.

The Truffle Shop Van Gogh Semi-Sweet chocolate truffle
The Van Gogh**

A simple but well stated blend of a Belgian Dark chocolate.

The Truffle Shop Grand Mariner Semi-Sweet chocolate truffle
The Grand Marnier

Orange infused Cognac makes this dark chocolate truffle a delight to eat.


The Truffle Shop Rum Captain Rum Semi-Sweet chocolate truffle
Rum Captain Rum

Captain Morgan’s Rum decorates this confection with a dark chocolate center.

The Truffle Shop Om on The Range Semi-Sweet chocolate truffle
Om on The Range**

A semi sweet truffle infused with Chai Tea.


Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Truffles

Truffle Shop The Black Pearl – Queen of the Night Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Truffle
The Black Pearl –
Queen of the Night

She demonstrates strength, independence and unconventionality. A blending of cognac and bittersweet chocolate

Truffle Shop Salty Dawg Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Truffle
The Salty Dawg

Sailor, you’ve been away at sea too long. It’s time to get back in touch. Caramel balanced with a Belgian Bittersweet.

Truffle Shop Starry Starry Knight Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Truffle
Starry Starry Knight**

Time to get your head out of the night sky and into your tastebuds. A delicately blended bittersweet Chocolate Truffle

All Truffles are created with an imported Belgian Chocolate.
Truffles marked with ** are made without alcohol.