DeGroot’s Truffle Menu

All Truffles are created in an imported Belgian Chocolate.
Truffles marked with ** are made without alcohol.

White Chocolate Truffles

imperialdragonaImperial Dragon
Crystalized ginger combined with liqueur in white chocolate makes an exotic treat for those who dare!

whtalmondaWhite Almond **
Ground almonds folded into a white chocolate dipped in dark bittersweet chocolate and topped with a sliver of almond.

keylargoaKey Largo
Zesty lime refreshes a creamy white chocolate center, sparked with tequila. A tropical treat.


treasureislandaTreasure Island
Jamaican rum buried with fresh grated coconut in white chocolate.


Hazelnut liqueur combined with a creamy white center makes this a heavenly blend.


Milk Chocolate Truffles

A sensational non- alcoholic truffle for all you milk chocolate and coffee lovers. So creamy you won’t belive it!

raspberryaRaspberry Cream**
What collection would be complete without this classic combination? Belgian milk chocolate blended with a puree of fresh raspberries.

cafemochaaCafe Mocha
Chef DeGroot swirls fresh roasted coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream in this milk chocolate heaven, gloriously crowned with a roasted coffee bean.

peanutbutteraPeanut Butter**
A combination that has always attracted attention: peanut butter with milk chocolate. Guaranteed to stick to the roof of your memory.


Semi-Sweet Chocolate Truffles

151ruma151 Rum
151 Rum mellowed with dark chocolate – perfect companions for a lusciously smooth chocolate truffle.

A refreshing combination of Mint Schnappes with creamy semisweet chocolate. Way cool!

dutchtreataDutch Treat**
A pure chocolate experience. A unique blend of three semisweet chocolates.

grandmarnieraGrand Marnier
What do you get when you combine French brandy, and rich Belgian chocolate with a Dutch confectioner? An international delight!

goldrushaGold Rush
Strike it rich! Jack Daniels #7 Bourbon with the finest Belgian semisweet chocolate.

A mysterious blend, stemming from the root of creation. Even the Lord Herself could not imagine a world without cognac, coffee and chocolate.

For the connoisseur of fine Scotch – the best semisweet chocolate laced with Glenfiddich Scotch.


The liqueur of love neatly wrapped in a dark chocolate robe, topped with a fresh almond.


blackforestaBlack Forest**
A semisweet chocolate mountain laden with veins of black cherry and capped with a cherry on its summit.



Bitter-sweet Chocolate Truffles

doubledutchaDouble Dutch**
Simply chocolate. Three different flavors of bittersweet chocolate delicately blended together make their own unique statement.

blacktulipaBlack Tulip
The rarest of tulips, hard to find. It combines a dark bitter chocolate, Remy Martin Cognac and a well kept secret. A true Dutch legacy.

cafediabloaCafe Diablo
A strong coffee blended with alcohol and swirled in a spicy bittersweet chocolate laced with a zest of orange. The fires of the devil never tasted so good!

All Truffles are created with an imported Belgian Chocolate.
Truffles marked with ** are made without alcohol.

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