Uncle Rudy’s Royal Truffles Menu

All Truffles are created in an imported Belgian Chocolate.
Truffles marked with ** are made without alcohol.

White Chocolate Truffles

The Silk Road Chocolate TruffleThe Silk Road
( This is where the East Ran into the West)

The result was a combination of Cardamon, Ginger , and lemon in a white chocolate center. **

Margarita Chocolate TruffleThe Margarita

A celebration of lime and a lime liquor with a creamy white ganache garnished with a pinch of salt

The island Oasis Chocolate TruffleThe Island Oasis

A safe haven in troubled waters. A soothing combination of Rum, Coconut, and Pineapple.


Milk Chocolate Truffles


Hazelnut Peanut Butter Chocolate TruffleHazelnut/Peanut Butter

In this case two nuts are better than one. Both in a milk chocolate base. Guaranteed to stick to the roof of your memory.

Morning Joe

A good start to your day at any time of the day. A heavenly blend of espresso coffee and milk chocolate cream.  **


Semi-Sweet Chocolate Truffles

The Fireball Chocolate TruffleThe Fireball

A cinnamon infused Whiskey in a dark chocolate. A smooth spicy blend to warm your demeanor.

The Van Gogh Chocolate TruffleThe Van Gogh

A simple but well stated blend of a Belgian Dark chocolate. **

The Grand Marnier Chocolate TruffleThe Grand Marnier

Orange infused Cognac makes this dark chocolate truffle a delight to eat.

Rum Captain Rum

Captain Morgan’s Rum decorates this confection with a dark chocolate center.


Bitter-sweet Chocolate Truffles

The Black Pearl Chocolate TruffleThe Black Pearl –
Queen of the Night

She demonstrates strength, independence and unconventionality. A blending of cognac and bittersweet chocolate

The Salty Dog Chocolate TruffleThe Salty Dawg

Sailor ,you’ve been away at sea too long. It’s time to get back in touch. Caramel balanced with a Belgian Bittersweet.

Starry Starry Knight Chocolate TruffleStarry Starry Knight

Time to get your head out of the night sky and into your tastebuds. A delicately blended bittersweet Chocolate Truffle

All Truffles are created with an imported Belgian Chocolate.
Truffles marked with ** are made without alcohol.

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