Nevada City Ice Cap

Nevada City Ice Cappuccino from The Truffle ShopSummer is soon upon us and the Nevada City Ice Cappuccino from The Truffle Shop is everyone’s favorite cold chocolate coffee refresher during the Hot Summer Months in Northern California.

The Nevada City Ice Cappuccino has been satisfying our customers for over 25 years. The Nevada City Ice Cap is made with a secretly-guarded formula that was invented locally at The Truffle Shop in Nevada City, CA. The main ingredients are  strong espresso coffee sweetened and combined with a rich frothed milk. But the real secret of the Ice Cap is the careful blending between our special formula and cold ice to give you that rich coffee taste with that cold refreshing hit of a memorable  ice coffee drink that satisfies. The cup is swirled with chocolate syrup on the inside and topped with a mountain of whipped cream. Available in three sizes.

The Nevada City Ice Cap will keep you coming back for more!