The 30th Anniversary of the Truffle Shop

As hard as it is to believe, the Truffle Shop is now celebrating its 30th year anniversary. I take this as a testament to your support and patronage that  we are still here doing what we love to do. We at the Truffle Shop and DeGroot’s Desserts express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and chocolate commitment.

This is also a reminder that the Holidays are here and it’s time to share the Chocolate love with Friends, Relatives and Business Associates. We believe that our Chocolate Truffles have continued to get better over the years. These edible jewels help create those precious memories that keep keep us connected to that quality that helps shape our lives. we call that quality Yumm and it is real because we hear it each time a customer takes a bit of one of DeGroot’s Belgian chocolate hand-crafted Truffles. Order online or call the shop at the number at the top of the page.

A historic gallery of photos from our archives.


An early photo of Willem DeGroot with a fresh batch of truffles from the kitchen.


The early days with Scott Wellman, Bill DeGroot, Rudy Udarbe and Menlo MacFarlane. Scott is now one of the main partners in DeGroot's Desserts creating chocolate treats.


An early meeting of the Truffle Shop staff. Menlo MacFarlane, Heather Halgrimson, Rudy​ and Bill displaying a letter from Chocolatier Magazine.


Lily Nova, one of the early partners in the Truffle Shop.


Meno MacFarlane and Lily at an early creative Truffle Shop meeting.


Lily Nova presenting The Truffle Shop at Reno Fantasies in Chocolate show at the Legacy Casino in Reno, Nevada around 1989.


Bill receiving best Chocolate Dessert Confection award at Reno Fantasies in Chocolate show at the Legacy Casino in Reno around 1989


Bill and Rudy receiving awards Bill of best Chocolate Dessert Confection and Best Baked Chocolate award at Reno Fantasies in Chocolate show at the Legacy Casino in Reno, Nevada.


Truffle tasting with Chef Willem De Groot.


1989 - Rudy taking a break from construction work on the Truffle Shop in the New York Hotel. The room was divided into two spaces - one the front sales room and the back room which was Chef DeGroot's kitchen for years until he outgrew the space and moved the kitchen to Grass Valley.


A young Scott Wellman at a meeting at the Truffle Shop in the early 1990s, now a partner at De Groot's Desserts, long a supporter of the Truffle Shop.

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