A Very Merry Christmas

Rudy hard at work helping Santa!

Happy Holidays to all and thank you for your Holiday orders. The staff was busy every day making sure to get your Christmas orders out. From all of us here at the Truffle Shop, Happy Holidays and may your 2018 be a bountiful, fruitful year from January through December.

All call-in and online orders from the website went out. We hope that you received your chocolate truffles and tortes in time to share with family and friends for Christmas. We heard of reports  early that because of large online orders for CyberMonday (the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend’s Black Friday, that most delivery services expected that not all orders would be received in time. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to speed up deliveries by UPS, FedEx or the Post Office. All we can do is get the orders out as fast they come in and hope that you got your packages in time!

Merry Christmas! This is all we’ve got left!
Our last Truffle from the case on Christmas eve!

If you didn’t receive your order before Christmas, remember that after  all the presents were opened on Christmas, you have one more gift which can be cherished with close ones.

If you have questions about your order you can email us with details of your order or by calling the shop directly at (800) 366-3538 and we will find out where your order is. If you’re in Nevada City, stop by and say hello.