Your Very Own Truffle Manual

Your own Personal Truffle Manual. Some tips on how to savor a delicious chocolate truffle from The Truffle Shop

Not everyone knows how to enjoy a Truffle so we put together this short step-by-step manual for the beginner and for your friends who are new to this culinary dessert treat from The Truffle Shop.

1. Ask yourself, “Is this a truffle I see before me”? Hopefully, it is not just a truffle but a De Groot Truffle. This is of the utmost importance.

2. If it IS a De Groot Truffle, you are in for a transcendental culinary experience. But you must do your part – and maintain the appropriate reverent or respectfully irreverent attitude – to secure this special experience. Make sure you are in a favorable environment. De Groot recommends low lights, good music, one or more friends, though you may also partake of this experience by yourself, like a seasoned traveler or professional wine-taster.

3. Clear your palate. A glass of water is good to have nearby. At any rate, don’t crowd this unique confection after a lobster bisque or chicken with mole sauce. Have your mind and body – as well as your tongue – relaxed and ready for the journey

4. Study your truffle. Isn’t it beautiful? Or… Isn’t it handsome?

5. Sample the aroma of your truffle. It begins to communicate the painstaking care and subtlety of its fine chocolate blended with exquisite liquer and spices, through the medium of scent. Remember, this is not just a dessert you are about to consume: It’s a veritable landmark, a towering peak of quality in a wide wasteland of sugar-rich junk food that is the American sweets landscape.

6. Taste your truffle by cutting it into quarters, or taking a small bite. Don’t even think of popping an entire truffle into your mouth (look at the size of De Groot’s masterpieces, anyway…) for that wouldn’t suite the alchemy of high quality. Sense the exotic flavor on your tongue and your palate. Let the taste transport you where it will. The home world of some of these De Groot combination flavors may astonish and delight you. Linger over the taste after you have swallowed the first morsel. Some veteran truffliers prefer to close their eyes and savor the first exquisite bouquet of the De Groot truffle.

7. Pay attention to the after-taste. Attention is the key to the De Groot truffle experience, since high concentration and attention to detail is the hallmark of the chef’s work.

8. Repeat as needed.